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Weber Genesis II Gas Grill – 1 Year Review

Weber Genesis II Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis II model grills are some of the most popular for Weber Grills.

I put together a review of what I think about the grill after having the grill for one year. This grill is the workhorse for all my grilling. I hope you enjoy the review to see if it’s going to be your next grill!

Weber Grill Pricing

Weber Genesis 310

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When you compare the price of this grill to what you get I feel the Genesis II has some great value for the quality of the grill.



Having a cook box that is solid cast and not sheet metal makes this grill stand out. I was impressed with most of the grills build quality.



All the experiences I have had with Weber customer service has always been great. It seemed to be more of a no questions asked support!



I think Weber has a great warranty on most of there products. It is backed by a 10-year full warranty except for normal wear and tear.


Weber Grill Pricing

The Good

  • Quality Product
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Great Warranty

The Bad

  • Webers are Expensive
  • Stainless Gauge
  • No Doors

Two Popular Models of the Genesis II Gas Grill

In my opinion, you really can not go wrong with either of these models. It really comes down to your preferences and price. You are going to pay a little more for Stainless but I think that it is really worth it. This review is based on the Genesis II Gas Grill so it really does cover both models. 

Genesis II S-310 Gas Grill

  • Stainless Steel Grill Grates
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • 3 Burners
  • Stainless Steel shelves
  • igrill 3 Ready

Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill

  • Porcelain enamel grill grates
  • Porcelain enamel lid with colors
  • 3 Burners
  • Stainless Steel shelves
  • igrill 3 Ready

Genesis II Grill Grates

weber grill grates

This is one of my favorite parts of the grill I love the stainless steel. You get these grates with the Genesis II S-310 model that I have.

You can really feel how heavy duty these grill grates are. Now when I say heavy they are heavy. I have never had grill grates that are so solid.

After one year of use, I have not seen any signs of rust or corrosion. This is a big one for me, I hat seeing that rust that you can get from a typical grill grate from some other grills.

To me, they’re very easy to keep clean. I do not like the way they provide sear marks so this is a compromise. When I want to get a great sear on something I use the Genesis II Griddle.

Grilling Tip

Warning – The grill scrapers with the metal wire have been known to leave metal shards in people’s food and they can get stuck in people’s throats. 

I prefer to use a wood scraper rather than the traditional grill brush, it is so much safer!

Purchase a Scraper


weber burners image in a grill


I think the burners on this grill are incredible. They light up like a jet engine. Watch the video above the hear what I am talking about.

I don’t ever have a hard time getting them lit. I have had a few times with possible air in the line and I need to shit off the burners and shut-off the gas and try lighting the grill again.

The burners are made from what appears to me to be a really good quality stainless steel. After 1 year of use, I did not see any signs of deterioration of the metal. When you look at the picture above they look like I added brand new burners.

I really like how easy it is to remove these burners from the grill for cleaning.


I really did not find any issues with the burners they are the best quality I have ever had.

Flavorizer Bars

Weber flavorizer bars


The best part of these flavorizer bars is how well that they cover the burners. I think they really help with flare-ups when cooking your food. The burners are always really clean so the gives you an idea of how well they work. 

They have viewport on the side so you can actually see the burners and I think that is great. I like to make sure that all the burners are lit.


I am not impressed with the gauge steel that flavorizer bars are. I think you get a little thrown off with the Genesis II S-310 that is all stainless when you have a heavy steel grate and then go to lesser steel with the bars. 

If you have the Genesis II E-310 with the porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates you might not see the difference.

The flavorizer bars that are over the burner are already rusting. I feel being only a year in they should not have any rust. The rust had not gone all the way through.

Ignition System – Infinity Ignition


It has not failed me yet. I grill all seasons of the year and even in the middle of the winter in New England, it fires up the grill. After a years time the battery is still working.


A possible minor con could be the intensity that the grill fires up at. You really need to do one burner at a time otherwise you are sending to much gas out before you light the grill, watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

Grill Lid

image of grill lid


This is one of my favorite parts of buying a Genesis II gas grill. You really feel that you are buying something that is quality when the grill cover is as heavy as it is. I have the stainless steel model and I am really happy with it. 

The lid has a piece of metal that creates an air gap to help with heating of the grill.


The only negative that I have about the grill cover is for some reason you get a grease spot that runs out of the grill back by the hinge. This really is only a cosmetic thing.

Grilled Chicken Tenders

Check out my recipe about some awesome grilled chicken tenders!

Click Here

Assembly of the Weber Genesis Grill


From what I can remember a year ago the build was really easy.  I do remember the instructions were easy to understand and the hardware was really sorted out well.

I put the grill together on a weekend afternoon with my sons and I do remember it was a good experience.


The only negative that I found was that I had to put it together. Most of your big box stores like home depot will sometimes put them together for you.



The Weber Genesis II gas grills come with a 10-year warranty on everything. This is the best or one of the best in the industry.

I have not had to make a claim so I am not sure how they would be to deal with. You can read more about the Weber Genesis II Warranty Program.


The only con that I can see is that the warranty does not cover “normal wear and tear”. So the question is what does that really mean? Hopefully, I will not be in the position to find out someday.

IGrill 3 Ready

image of the igrill hookup

The grill comes ready for the igrill 3. This thermometer setup sends the temps to an app that you can have on your smartphone.

This will give you the freedom to work in the yard or watch the game and you can know how your food is coming along in the grill. I have yet to use the system but I am pretty excited to check it out at some point.



The pricing is pretty much fixed wherever you purchase the grill. This is a good thing so you don’t need to be chasing the deal. If you purchase it through my affiliate link I will get a small commission and it will not cost you any more because of it.


Weber grills are not cheap. But I really feel you get what you pay for. I think that the genesis gas grill is a great value for what it does const. I rather have a quality grill and not have to throw it out after a few years of use.

Weber Grill Pricing

Open Cart Design


I suppose if I had to come up with a benefit of the open cart design it would be easy access to the grease management system. Another could be doors sometimes do not last the test of time and they are usually not a great fit.

You will save a few bucks going with this open cockpit design.


I really would prefer a door to hide the underside of the grill. This I would say is personal preference and I really don’t notice it when I am using the grill.

Genesis II S-310 vs Genesis II E-310

There are not many differences when it comes down to the two different models. If your a fan of stainless and you can afford the price difference than the Genesis ii S-310 model might be the way to go.

Some people can not live without the way that the cast-iron grates sear a steak and all the other food that you grill. So if you love using a cast iron pan you might want to consider going with the Genesis ii E-310 model.

Features Genesis II S-310 Genesis II E-310
Lid Stainless Steel Porcelain-enameled
Grill Grates 7mm diameter solid stainless steel rod Porcelain-enameled cast iron


In the end, I really cannot say enough good things about the grill. The only disappointment said I have was the quality of the warming rack and the quality of the stainless steel of the flavorizer bars. 

I think of it from the perspective of Weber I’m sure they have to weather costs in different situations and those two things they feel could be compromised. 

In the end, I could have always purchased a more expensive model which I think those two things would have thicker gauge steel.

So the million-dollar question is would I purchase the grill again? Absolutely I haven’t seen anything else on the market for this price point they could be better than a Weber Genesis Grill.

So if you think about purchasing one go ahead and click this link below it’s my affiliate link and I will make a small commission off the sale.

Weber Grill Pricing

So what are your thoughts on the grill? Do you own one know or are you thinking about purchasing one? Let me know in the comments below.!

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