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Labor Day Grill Recipes

Are you looking for the best labor day grill Recipes? If so I have you covered. These would be my go-to recipes for grilling on the holiday.

Labor day is one of the biggest grilling days of the year. Stop making the same old burgers and hot dogs. Try one of these recipes to up your grilling game.

Grilled Bone-in Chicken Breast

This bone-in chicken breast recipe is great for labor day weekend. You have all the flavor from the grill with the salty pepper taste of the seasoning on this chicken.

This will be a favorite of your family and friends.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Thighs

Looking for something with some spice and kick? This buffalo chicken will not disappoint. Think of buffalo chicken wings but with a lot more chicken!

Buffalo chicken thighs will be a big hit this holiday weekend.

Grilled Chicken Leg Quarters

This recipe gets you not only a thigh but also the drum of the chicken! Best of both worlds when it comes to the dark meat. The barbecue sauce is a hit and has a ton of flavor.

This is a simple grill recipe that you will enjoy!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This is a healthy option for labor day weekend. This grilled chicken sandwich packs a ton of flavor with a grilled chicken breast.

You get the freshness of the tomato and the zing of the red onion that makes this healthy grilled chicken sandwich a hit.

Grilled Spatchcock Chicken

Grilled Spatchcock chicken

You are going to love this simple grill recipe. Salt and pepper are the winners and it is extremely easy to do.

Not only do you get the crispiness of the chicken you get all the different cuts of chicken.

Grilled Chicken Tenders

image of chicken tenders on a plate with ranch dressing

This is the favorite for all the family at a barbecue. They are so simple to grill and they are a huge favorite with kids.

These grilled chicken tenders can be a great appetizer for the main course that you grill that evening. They are great on a gas grill and charcoal grill just the same!

Grilled Chicken Parmesan

grilled chicken parmesan ready to eat

Looking for a little Italian on your labor day holiday? If so give this grilled chicken parmesan recipe a try.

The tanginess of the sauce and the richness of the cheese brings this dish together. No need for any pasta this is so good as is!


Yes, labor day is a grilling holiday. It is one of the biggest grilling days behind the 4th of July. Why is it one of the biggest days for grilling, nice weather, people are gathering and a lot of fresh foods are in season.

Yes, people love to cook out on the holiday. It is a big tradition for a lot of families and friends to get together and celebrate in people’s backyards at the family cookout.

Burgers and hot dogs are probably the most popular things to grill on labor day. Chicken and Ribs are also other popular recipes. But if you are a chicken wing lover they go great on a grill.

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