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Advantages Of Grilling

In this post, we are going to cover the advantages of grilling your next meal. Grilling can be the best way to cook your meat and or veggies. One of the best parts is that you get to enjoy the outdoors while cooking.

Some of the benefits of grilling might surprise you and encourage you to grill the next time you cook your dinner!

burgers with flames on a gas grill

Grilling provides incredible flavor

Nothing tastes better than grilled burgers. During the grilling process, there is a Maillard reaction “the browning of the meat” and this process gives flavor to the chicken, fish, beef, or anything else that you are grilling.

Different flavors can be created depending on what type of grill you use. Grilling on charcoal brings an entirely different flavor then grilling with propane.

Grilling over wood will add a different flavor profile as well, giving it a bit of a smokey flavor.

Healthier food is a benefit of grilling

chicken breast being grilled

When cooking in a pan the meat and vegetables sit in the fat that is rendered or the oil that the food is being cooked in. I have a full post on is grilled chicken healthier.

One of the biggest advantages of grilling is that fat falls away from the meat and that makes it a healthier option for cooking.

Think of grilled chicken tenders or grilled bone-in chicken where the fat just drips away and you’re left with the juicy flavor of the chicken.

You will keep more nutrition in the vegetables that you grill because they will cook quicker.

When you boil veggies and cook them for a long period of time a lot of vegetables will lose a lot of the beneficial nutrients which are found inside.

Grilling outdoors has advantages and benefits

There can be some great benefits of grilling outdoors. These three points below I feel are the biggest benefits of cooking outside.

No smells indoors

If you don’t want to have the cooking smell in your house or kitchen then grilling keeps the smell outside.

Think of when you are cooking that smoked bacon in the winter with the heat on or in the summer with the ac cranked and it gives off such a strong smell throughout your house, grilling it outdoors will eliminate that.

No heat indoors

During the summer month’s you might not want the heat from cooking trapped indoors and when you grill it keeps that heat outside.

An oven traps heat in the house for hours. In the winter that might not be such a bad thing but in the summer you are trying to keep the heat out of the kitchen.

Grill your next meal outside and enjoy the art of grilling!

Social experience

When you grill outside it tends to be a social type of cooking. A lot of people will congregate around a grill and enjoy what it’s all about.

Taking the opportunity to be outside and cooking brings us all back to our roots as people, it all started with cooking outside on a fire.

Cook at high temperatures

Another great advantage of grilling is that you can cook at high temperatures. This allows you to cook quicker and to also brown the meat better for flavor.

The best way to grill a good piece of meat is with high heat. You would never grill that prized ribeye steak at 300°F. You would get your grill screaming hot, the hottest you can get it to give that beef a great sear.

Some would say that when you sear the meat that you seal in the flavor but I think the jury is still out on this.

Grilling creates less mess

We all know how many dishes we use when we are creating that delicious meal for the family. Let’s be honest nobody likes doing the dishes!

When you grill your favorite dish you don’t have to worry about all the pans that you are going to get dirty.

The grill can be cleaned easily, you can get it really hot to burn off any unwanted leftovers with a wood scraper.

Different types of grilling

When you grill you get the advantage of so many different types of grilling. They all bring a different dimension to what you are cooking.


You can not get that great charcoal flavor like from a weber grill if you are cooking on your stove in the house.

You are missing out on the taste of burgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill.

Charcoal also gives you the option of grilling low and slow with indirect heat to one side. Think of grilling a great rack of baby back ribs for hours!


weber gas grill

Propane grilling, like on a weber genesis grill, gives you the opportunity to control the heat and how you want to grill.

It is by far the most convenient way to grill. You can fire up a gas grill really quickly and your off to cooking your dinner for the night.

Open fire

This can be an art, trying to keep the flame and temperature in check. When you cook on fire you bring that smokey taste to the meat your grilling.

Different types of wood are going to give you different tastes to the meat. This is one of the most primitive forms of cooking that goes a long way back in history!

Frying pan on the grill

A lot of people don’t realize or think about how you can use your grill just like the stovetop in your home. If you’re using a good quality stainless steel pan or cast iron pan you can use it to cook on your grill with no issues.

This allows you to cook things that you didn’t think you could like eggs or a sauce. You need to think outside the box and consider how it’s a heat source for cooking and not just a way to grill meat.

Looking for some great recipes for your grill? Check out our Simple Grill Recipes YouTube channel.

You can grill anywhere

Having the ability to grill let’s you cook your food anywhere that you go. There are so many great portable grill options that are easy to transport.

One of my favorite grills of all time is the Weber Q 1200. This grill lets you take it camping or tailgating. It is small enough to add to the trunk of your car.

Little grills like this are also great to use at home if you have a small family or if you single.

So as you can see there are some great advantages of grilling. I think it is a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather and spend time with the family.

So tell me, do you prefer the grill or the oven? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My uncle has been thinking about getting a new grill for his backyard, so that he can have better BBQs. He really wants to get one from a professional to be safer. I liked what you said about how it can add a smokey taste in the grilling. and using different wood can give it more flavor.

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