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About Bob

This website was built to provide simple grill recipes that everyone can create.

So many of the recipes on the internet focus on smoking or charcoal grilling. The fact is most of us use a gas grill most of the time.

We cover the techniques of grilling food. This way you can grill your next recipe on any type of grill.

So who is the creator?

Picture of the Bob the Author

Hey I’m Bob the author of Simple Grill Recipes, how is it going? I created Simple Grill Recipes because I love grilling and I love to blog.

I wanted your experience on my website to be great so I provided…

  • Recipes are set up with step-by-step photos and a description of the process.
  • I created my posts with a recipe card that you can print and review.
  • I have videos for most of my recipes so it is even easier to create!

If you have not yet come to check me out on Youtube to see my videos!